How it works

We help you gain global exposure, make sales and get paid.

We make what can be a complex process as simple as possible, because we know that many artists in developing regions face a range of barriers that prevent them from accessing global audiences and markets. These barriers range from internet and data limitations, navigating complex and confusing systems, knowing which platforms will and won’t work, to being able to get paid without a bank account.

We operate locally, which means that getting your music onto global platforms is as simple as handing in a USB drive to your local Paza representative, and getting paid is as simple as supplying your mobile number.

Connecting to new audiences

Many artists in developing regions have a single audience—their local audience. This audience can be reached by radio & television, if you have the money, or by live gigs if you don’t.

However, at Paza we think there are other audiences out there that would love to hear new and exciting music from developing regions, and pay for it. We’re talking about global online audiences and we act as the connector between these audiences and you, the artist.

When connecting you to new audiences, we don’t take a scattergun approach and simply list you with all the platforms, because not all the platforms work for smaller artists (most in fact, only work for the big artists). We consider which platforms might work from an exposure perspective as well as a cost perspective, so that you don’t land up paying more in fees than from earnings.

Getting paid

We understand that you as an artist in a developing region face many more financial barriers than someone in a developed region. We understand that you may not have a bank account, or that you may not even want a bank account. We know that most of you either use Mobile Money or cash, which is why we’ve spent a long time figuring out how we can pay when you make sales. Mobile Money is the solution and we’re proud to be one of the first to provide Mobile Money payments in the music space.

The process is simple: a sale is made on an online platform; the funds are deposited into a Paza account and Paza then pays the artist out via Mobile Money. Easy.

Benefits & features

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    Free listings

    There is no cost for artist to list their music

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    No barriers

    We take care of all the difficult stuff and assist you with technical and other barriers

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    Fast payment

    Fast and convenient payment through mobile money

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    You keep 100% of your copyright 

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    All welcome

    All music accepted as we don’t judge
    (must meet technical and decency standards)

Paza means to ‘make louder’ or ‘lift up’ in Swahili