About us

We aim to help financially and technologically marginalised musicians gain access to global music markets, make sales and get paid.

We want to see Africa and other developing regions become the global music powerhouses that we know they should be. These regions are rich in music and we have no doubt they will play a significant role in the development and enrichment of our collective musical future.

We do this by bringing together buyers who are looking for interesting global music, and artists in developing regions whom have not previously had access to global audiences and markets. We provide localised, grassroots services to help remove the complexity of accessing global digital markets, reducing the sometimes-significant barriers to entry and generally making gaining global exposure and sales as easy as possible for artists.

Sales are not much good without payment, so we have worked hard to make the payments to artists as easy as possible, and to that end, we are proud to be one of the first organisations in the world to be able pay artists straight to their mobile phones via Mobile Money. This means we can bypass traditional financial intuitions, like banks and expensive money transfer services, which have often failed people in developing regions.

The team

Tim Nixon – Founder

Tim has always been passionate about music, and with a successful career in digital design and having dabbled around the edges of music for years, decided to dive off the deep end into the vast pond that is the music industry.

Paza was born out of a desire to help his friend Daniel Onyango, a musician in Nairobi, who was sending Tim tracks to play on his weekly radio show, but who was otherwise not capitalising financially from the amazing music he was making. Daniel was unbanked at the time, as many Africans are, and therefore unable to setup the necessary structures to moneytise his music. A four year journey to solve Daniels problem began and Paza is the result.

Tim was born in South Africa, growing up in Johannesburg, and after 30 years in sunny Africa decided to move to an even sunnier Australia, where he currently resides in Noosa.

Daniel Onyango – Kenya Team (Nairobi)

Daniel has a great passion for arts, cultural expression, public space and sports; and says all this helps him understand the importance and the role young people play in spearheading positive social transformation.

Through his experience growing up in the slum of Korogocho, he recognises the plight and the suffering of young people and children which inspired his thirst for change.

Daniel holds a B.A degree in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Nairobi, is the Director of Hope Raisers and is an accomplished musician and nyatiti player.

Isack Abeneko – Tanzania Team (Dar es Salaam)

Isack is a freelance contemporary musician, actor, dancer and choreographer with a strong focus on live performance.

Isack is motivated by the creative and collaborative processes within cultures, politics, economics and technology and believes in the power of art and community.

Isack has participated in a rage of projects including cultural exchange programs, training programs and collaborations. He has performed with his band of 6 members all around Tanzania and East Africa and internationally in South Korea, USA, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Holland, Spain, South Africa, Malawi and Mozambique.

Paza means to ‘make louder’ or ‘lift up’ in Swahili